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Why A/V Dealers Should Hire Us...

In a word, Experience. In two or three words, Experience, Expertise and Reliability. 

First, every one of our employees have been doing this for a very long time.  The "new guy" has been doing this for nine years.  When you look at our competitors, many of them are just out of college, have business or marketing degrees, had jobs in the IT sector a few years ago then decided this field would be more fun or something of the sort.  While there's certainly nothing wrong with that, and everyone starts somewhere, you can hire PanTech Design with people who've run multi-national AV companies, installed every possible AV system conceived, designed some of the largest systems around, and programmed systems people didn't think could ever work together.

Reliability has been designed into our business since day one.  We require that all our employees work in our office, use our tools only, and develop with a consistent methodology.  Many times when you call a CAIP they say, "yeah, I'm on another job, can I get back to you next week?" or "Thank you for calling such and such... oh, so and so has your code, you'll have to call him for support." (see previous answer)  When you call our office for support, your program is here on our servers and any of our programmers can assist you with changes.  All programmers, operate from the same servers, and all your code is stored on at least 5 different hard drives at all times with on-site backups, off-site backups in a mountain somewhere, and archived optical media (data DVDs).  When a programmer starts at PanTech Design we hand 'em a big instruction manual about how to program PanTech's way.  Every programmer uses the same labels, graphic standards and methodology so that no matter who is assigned to your project, you get the high quality you expect from PanTech Design.

If you currently have a programmer on staff, they are a great resource, but we can still increase your capability.  If you have one programmer and need to finish 4 jobs at once, can your programmer keep up?  How many times have you sent someone to programming classes, they programmed a couple of jobs for you then left a few months or years later leaving you high and dry?  We are here, we're not going anywhere and we always want your business.  Often times dealers find that their programmer becomes overwhelmed with larger jobs.  Significantly more advanced skills are required to manage so many devices, interfaces and situations.  PanTech Design's "average" automation job is for an AV system in the $350k range.  When you consider how many Adagio jobs we do, you figure we do a lot of large jobs.  Does your programmer have this experience?

We put power in your hands.  We have a whole suite of tools to allow you to make changes to variables in your program without having to make changes to source code.  You or your homeowner can make a lot of changes to the way systems operate, what items (cameras, zones, etc.) are named, volume and audio setup, source setup and others.  We don't want you to call us back to make these changes, we loose money when this happens.  So we give you the tools to make the changes yourself.  Often times programmers hold some of this information back as job security or a third party programmers bill you for every little change.  We don't hold you hostage, we give you the power to take care of these details.